How Do I Program the colored buttons on my remote?

The question is often asked, “What do those four colored buttons at the top part of my remote do?”. The answer is a good one….anything. The fact is that those buttons can be programmed to control anything that your Control4 system is already setup to control.

What do they do at the C4 Central Mansion? It depends on the room. In the master suite the blue button activates the sleep timer, the red button turns the fireplace on and off, etc… Hopefully that gets you an idea as to some of the basic possibilities. So, how do you do it?

SR-250 colored buttons

Open up Composer HE, and click on the programming tab. These commands are programmed at the room level, so in the top left corner select the room you are wanting to set the programming up for. Once that is selected, look just below that and click on the button next to “Commands”. In the drop down menu, select the button it is you are wanting to program. In this case, we will do “Red Button”.

Control4 remote Colored Buttons, step 1

Now, we need to move to the top right corner of Composer and select the device we want to react to the press of the “Red Button”. In this case we are going to toggle the fireplace on/off. Select the fireplace, and below that select “toggle the Main Fireplace”. Drag that line of programming to the middle of Composer.

Control4 remote colored buttons, step 2

Now test it! You can make the programming as simple or as complex as you would like.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and discuss here.