1.7.3 Maintenance Release is out –!

There is a new maintenance release out that fixes a number of issues for 1.7.3 platforms.

The official release version is

This upgrade is NOT meant for those who have already upgraded to 1.8, only for those not requiring the upgrade to ZigBee Pro but who would like the following improvements provided by this upgrade:

Improvements in 1.7.3 include:
· Improved responsiveness to touch on the 7″ Touch Screens – This corrects a situation where a touch was registered but not communicated to the system.
· Improved network connection stability on the 7″ WiFi Touch Panel – This resolves problems where the network connection would be dropped.
· Improved detection of the dropped WiFi connection when the product is out of range. The new release does not allow Navigator to remain blocked while waiting for a response from Director.
· Improved network throughput to alleviate audio skipping caused by insufficient network bandwidth – This resolves a problem most often occurring on new HC-300 Controllers.
· Changes to the Navigator interface in Rhapsody, Artist searches not to retrieve genre information – This change improves search performance.
· New driver for the Control4 Dock for iPod which adds the ability for the driver to be configured to disable Cover Art, removing that ability from the Navigator interface. This driver is automatically updated with the most current driver changes when the system is updated.
· Added support for the HC-200 as an endpoint for the Announcement agent.
· Corrected the Diagnostics checks used in Composer, System Diagnostics, Controller Networking, Check Internet Connection.
· Modified the Control4 Thermostat driver and set the CURRENT_TEMPERATURE variable to read/write so that it can be configured via programming to display the temperature of other devices.
· Corrected the ADT/Honeywell Vista ICM driver so that the string “ID” in a zone doesn’t cause the driver to malfunction.
· Fixed problem where Navigator wasn’t showing the correct temperature when an AprilAire system was used

Firmware Changes:
· Dimmer/Switch – Change to better handle international 240V loads.
· Control4 Dock for iPod – Resolved various problems reported with the Control4 Dock for iPod related to communications, charging, lockup, etc.
· 4 Zone Amp – Resolved an issue with setting a static IP.
· Multi-Channel Amplifier, Multi-Tuner V2, Audio Matrix Switch – Resolved problems with DHCP working with some routers/DHCP servers

If your system is affected by any of these issues, please contact your dealer and see if this update is right for your system. Remember, while the firmware update is free, you may be charged an hourly rate by your dealer to perform the update.