Sony’s 400 Disc BD Changer RS-232 driver now available

If you’ve got a Blu-ray fever, and the only prescription is Sony’s 400 disc mega-changer – you’re now in luck. Control4 has just announced availability of the RS-232 driver for this disc spinner.

Sony BDP-CX7000ES
Sony BDP-CX7000ES - now with Control4 integration

Requiring or higher, you now get:
* Full transport controls, including discrete on/off and all menu, disc and track controls

* SR-250 and SR-150 support for all essential remote functionality

* Disc scanning and meta-data retrieval for Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and CDs

* Auto-scanning mode – changer automatically scans new discs as they are added

Ask your dealer for details. Us, well we’re still looking for 400 Blu-ray movies worth spending $35 for.