Control4… On a boat

Why waste your summer days indoors when you can take your automated lifestyle to the water?

Control4 Nautical Solutions

That’s exactly what Control4 asked when thinking of bringing it’s product line to marine applications. Hit the read link for full details.

Control4’s marine applications let you do things like:

* Remotely controlling lights and heating or air conditioning to turn on shortly before arrival, ensuring everything on the vessel is set to preference yet reducing energy consumption

* Automating exterior running lights to allow the crew to move around safely

* Adjusting the thermostat to ensure appropriate interior cabin temperatures

* Providing GPS and navigation data through the television or touch screens so owners and onboard guests know the current location of the vessel and anticipated arrival

* Triggering lights to automatically turn on, off or dim, based on detected light levels or specific times of the day

* Opening and closing blinds, according to when the sun sets or the skies become cloudy to allow for optimum levels of natural light

* Centralizing audio and video collections from multiple sources and allowing selection of music or movies by cover art from a single library from any room on the vessel

Scope out the info on their website, and contact your local dealer for more information.