Control4’s HC200B launched – faster speeds for secondary navigator or small system use

Not content with the other hardware announcements today, and leaving us wondering what’s left to see at CEDIA this year, Control4 has rolled out the announcment for the HC200B. It’s the successor to the HC-200, but with the key improvement being processor power. Would you be surprised if it requires OS 2.0.1? Click the read link for more details.

Control4 announces the availability of the Home Controller HC-200B. The HC-200B adds additional processing power and memory to facilitate the increased functionality of Control4® OS 2.0 and 4Store™ applications and includes an upgraded power supply for higher efficiency and cooler operation. A new Factory Restore button replaces previous methods for system restore. New input power protection feature protects the device if used with an incorrect power supply.

The Home Controller HC-200B is a replacement of the current Home Controller 200 and is available for order immediately. Shipment is expected to start in the next couple of weeks, again depending on supply/demand as production is ramped up.

It includes the factory restore button as well like it’s bigger brother the HC300B, so use caution when handling it after its programmed in.

No asthetic, pricing, or connectivity options have changed.