Control4’s 2.0.1 release brings support for InfinityEdge touchscreens, refreshed controllers & remote

In addition to the new hardware support, with just about every release there are bug fixes. If you’re affected by something below, ask your dealer if the upgrade is what is needed to correct the problem. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade or purchase – the new OS and faster controllers are a good time to jump in. We also have a FAQ about the license for 2.0 after the read link.

  • Modified Composer HE so that it does not depend on the digital certificate installed by Composer Pro for proper operation. Composer HE will now work properly when installed on a computer which doesn’t have Composer Pro installed.
  • Added support for Pan/Tilt control for an IP camera using the up, down, left, right arrows on the System Remote Control device.
  • Corrected the problem where the IP Camera image remained on the Navigator interface when it shouldn’t be displayed.
  • Corrected a problem where the main page Thermostat’s temperature icon was not showing the correct mode.
  • Improved the ability to use Favorites to access pages within the My Music and Rhapsody interfaces.
  • Improved the On-Screen navigation on various interface screens.
  • Improved the Alpha jump navigation (On-Screen Navigator) for movies.
  • Corrected a problem when using Page Down on the On-Screen Navigator movies screen. Movies were being skipped.
  • Corrected a problem where the Now Playing information of the Tuner interface was not showing the current RDS data.
  • Corrected problems which could cause the Now Playing bar to present inaccurate track numbers.
  • Corrected the problem where the Now Playing interface had the wrong navigation menu structure when the iPod Dock was the selected device.
  • Corrected a problem where the Navigator would not properly select or navigate artists and albums with an “&” in their name.
  • Corrected a problem with focus disappearing while navigating an iPort.
  • Corrected a problem with invert relay devices not showing the proper state on the Flash Navigator.
  • Corrected a problem with the Security interface not showing the correct arm/disarm state on initial entry.
  • Corrected a problem where Navigator on the Touch Screen was restarting after going to the Network Settings page of the UI.
  • Added a confirmation popup to the Room Off and Zone Off commands on the Touch Screens to protect against inadvertent “Room Off” when the user is adjusting the volume.
  • Improved the ability for network file storage devices to remain connected or be reconnected by the system.
  • Corrected a Disc Changer proxy problem which prevented the Sony CX777ES and Sony CX7000ES drivers from correctly selecting a new movie if a movie was already being played.


Do I need a new software license for OS 2.0.1?
OS 2.0.1 requires the same OS 2.0 software license as the OS 2.0 release. Customers being upgraded from OS 2.0 to OS 2.0.1 do not need a new license. All customers upgrading from prior versions do need an OS 2.0 Software License.

Do all systems need a software license to upgrade to OS 2.0.1?
Yes.  All existing systems need an OS 2.0 software license to upgrade. Exceptions: Control4® Controllers (HC-200, HC-300, HC-500, or HC-1000) that were purchased during the free upgrade window (December 09 – June 2010) and are functioning as the Primary Controller will upgrade to OS 2.0 without requiring a license.

What is the free upgrade window and how does it work?
On December 23, 2009, in conjunction with the announcement of new lighting products based on ZigBee® Pro, Control4 announced that Controllers purchased on or after that date would be eligible for a free upgrade to OS 2.0. The Controller must be the Primary Controller (running Director) when the upgrade is performed in order to receive the free upgrade. 

Do new systems purchased by customers need an OS 2.0 Software License?
No. All new systems (shipped after 2.0’s release) have the ability and license to run OS 2.0. The OS 2.0 Software License is only required to upgrade existing systems to OS 2.0.