Control4 starts selling the Media Player v2 – should you be excited?

Much like other hardware announcements made recently, this is a replacement for the v1 Media Player. However, it does not include Blu-ray .iso file support, DVD menu structure support, or….  well, what does it do differently?

Control4 Media Player

Control4 simply states that the reason they needed a new model number was because of some changes required by updated Dolby licensing. My guess is that they have a different revision chipset, and as a result need the v2 moniker. It is stated several times that “Version 2 functionality is identical to the original Control4® Media Player” – and that if you have a v1 media player, not to worry, as the standard 2-year warranty will still be honored if something goes wrong with your player. Just follow through with your dealer, who can handle the process for you.

If you haven’t already heard, the Control4 media player can be used in versions 1.7.1 or greater (yes, even the v2) and offers the following capabilites:

  • Plays digital video files directly to your TV
  • Converts videos automatically to 1080p HD resolution via the HDMI output
  • Installs in minutes as part of the Control4® system without any complex configuration
  • Control4® Composer software will create and manage a single virtual library of the home owner’s video collection (DVD discs, Blu-ray discs and video files), allowing them to easily navigate their video collection from the Navigator interface.
  • Fits easily into any location. The compact footprint allows it to fit on a tabletop, and it is wall-mountable and rack mountable
  • Integrates with and can be controlled by the Control4® system
  • Supports broad file formats and video codecs, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, Windows Media Video and more

We have a video showing what the integration with the Control4 GUI looks like in 2.0 as well on our YouTube Channel. Additionally, our review of the V1 unit should be posted soon, and if we happen across a v2 unit, we’ll post anything different.

Other than being bummed about nothing new, I will say that this media player integrates very well with Control4 ( as it should) and is more stable than my Netgear 9150.

On another note, it has been almost a year since this thing started shipping (December 2009), a firmware update supporting new features wouldn’t hurt…