Control4 MyHome Software is Finally on it’s Way!

At the 2011 CES in Las Vegas Control4 announced MyHome.  MyHome is a suite of software that will allow Control4 system users to access and control lighting, temperature, music, movies, energy, security and more from a wide range of devices.
As a culmination of the widely accepted My Home for iPhone and My House for iPad apps and the Mobile Navigator license, the new MyHome family is expected to be a sure thing for any Control4 user.
“Consumers expect choice and convenience, so by offering our customers the ability to access and control their home automation system from nearly any screen in the house, we make it easier for them to integrate Control4 into their everyday lives,” said Control4 CEO Will West. “Now, whether you turn on your TV, pull out your phone, turn to a touch screen in the kitchen, or power on your laptop in the office, you’ll always be in control of your connected home.”

The Control4 user interface is consistent on every device. Just as dedicated touch screens are ideal in locations such as the kitchen or by the front door because they can’t wander away, Control4 MyHome is an affordable and flexible choice for anywhere in the house.
In a Control4-enabled smart home, Control4 MyHome allows users to manage their system over any WiFi network, with unique security features that identify and authenticate their Control4 system to their iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC or tablet.
Control4® MyHome Licenses
In order to activate the apps, you must purchase an enabling license. The new licensing structure give flexibility to the client based on budget constraints.
The following licences  will be available upon release.
Device License: A device license is attached to any supported individual device.
Site License: A site license enables functionality on any number of devices, of any combination.
The Control4 MyHome Device License has an estimated MSRP of about $200. Availability will be announced here as soon we come closer to deployment.
The Control4 MyHome Site License has an estimated MSRP of $500.
Availability will be announced here as soon we come closer to deployment.
A full product review will be available right before official software deployment.
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