I Like to Move It Move It: How to move C4 Apps To A Different Home Screen Location

Some times us guys here at C4Central forget that some of what we may consider common knowledge is not so with our readers. I was asked the other day by a fiend who is a huge NBA fan if he could move his NBA scores app over to his Watch icon menu. I scratched my head and with a straight face said yes. Then after some thought and a some questions passed at other users I realized something. This all to easy task that can be performed right at the navigator screen almost no one is aware of including some dealers. And from what I can tell no one has mentioned it in any of Control4’s forums.

So in this very short tutorial I will be demonstrating how to do this by moving the Movie Guardian App over to my Movies Icon.

The first part is easy. On any navigator select the “More” icon. From here Select your “4store” icon

Now here you will see an icon many of you have never touched. The manage icon. Select the “Manage” icon and you will be brought to a list of all the apps in your system.

Simply scroll down to the app you want to move and place the check mark for the icon you would like the app to show up on. No need to look for a save button as this change is automatically stored.

Now go to the icon to verify that the app was added to the navigation icon you chose.

So now you are done. An extremely easy modification to get the apps you really use moved to the easy to find locations you would like them at. And all without having to add favorites. Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. now Get Moving!