Apple TV Gen 2-IR Driver

Like most products, newer models come, older ones go. In most cases, the ir codes stay the same. Leave it to Apple to do it their way. The new generation codes are different. To make things worse the Extra Vegetables 2 way driver won’t work with it. So I created an ir one way driver for it. Nothing fancy or hard, but at least you can now control the new Apple TV with Control4.

One interesting side note while creating the codes. The enter command at first was causing the video to turn off and pressing menu would cause it to return. First thought is the code is wrong, nope. Control4’s going crazy, nope. Steve Jobs has sabotaged the enter button, nope. Turns out it was actually the ir repeat count. If you set it for too long it acts as if you are holding the button down and causes this to occur. It can be repeated with the actual apple remote. Once I lowered the ir repeat count, it was working like a champ. If anyone needs the driver just have your dealer contact us. It will save them from having to remotely learn the codes like I did 😉