Hydra HDMI Switch OFFICIALLY Control4 Certified!

The Hydra HSS1 has been the switch that has been handling HDMI switching in my personal system for a while now. It has been one of the best editions to my system hands down. Now while I had made the jump to HDMI a long time ago changing over to the HSS1 has bought me finally to a trouble-free HDMI environment. With the edition of not having to search for drivers by using the provided Hydra CEC device drivers for my displays and most sources my system has made a sure-fire change for the better. The question I always here though since there are several drivers that accompany this switch is about Control4 driver certification. I mean since this switch was designed to be a complete HDMI solution for Control4 shouldn’t it be certified? Well finally after the lengthy and costly Control4 certification process I am glad to say that the drivers and switch is Control4 certified! Hopefully many of you can enjoy the benifits and trouble-free viewing experience I have and get a little piece of mind knowing this device is fully approved by Control4.

The First Complete HDMI Solution for Control4® Systems

  • Completely automatic EDID and key management
  • FlashConnectTMfor no-delay video changes
  • Complete CEC support to eliminate most IR flashers
  • Audio matrix for whole house audio
  • Fully Composer integrated for seamless installation
  • HDBaseT compliant HDMI extenders for reliabilitySaves time Saves money Generates higher customer satisfaction.

Here’s the Official Press Release:

HydraConnect HSS-1 Receives Control4 Certification

HydraConnect LLC is proud to announce that the HSS-1 Control4 HDMI, audio, and control processor has received Control4 Certification.  Receiving this certification assures the Control4 dealer that the HSS-1 has been rigorously tested for comparability with the Control4 system and has passed the required tests.

HSS-1 provides 8X8 HDMI switching with no loss of video when adding and removing sources, and switches sources almost instantly. HSS-1 includes a full stereo matrix with volume controls, as well as complete CEC support for replacing most IR blasters. Most importantly, HSS-1 is fully integrated with Control4 Composer, and a simple 3 button execution is all that is required for installation and configuration. HSS-1 handles all HDMI related issues, such as HDCP, EDID, and Key Management, completely invisibly. There are no Key limitations in the system.  An On-screen display notifies customers when a source is being shared, and A/V Remix allows watching one source while listening to a second.
HSS-1 has an extensive web interface rather than a small front panel, providing the Control4 dealer with detailed information and status of the system.  The web interface is remotely accessible, supporting efficient field support from the dealer or the factory without a truck roll.  Software updates are automatically installed over the Internet – no on-site technical support is required.
The HydraConnect web site has feedback from dealers who have already installed the HSS-1 and are very happy with its ease of installation and robust performance.