HOW DO I: Integrate Spotify into Control4

Sweden based music service Spotify offers 16 million songs for free (ad supported) to facebook users.  Yesterday Spotify launched its services in Australia which will rival competition in this fast growing streaming music market where JB Hifi’s and Rdio’s service’s are already operating.

With this recent release of Spotify in Australia i have made it my goal to get this service working through Control4.  For the moment i have figured out a rather crude way to get this to work but it provides meta feedback to Control4. Control though needs to be done through 3rd party means unfortunately. Note this method will work for any direct sound based applications. DS bridge is the key behind all of this. If there is a client connected to the streamer it will route the direct sound output for that particular application (in this case spotify) to the external client (in this case control4). See the method below for details.


  • Windows PC
  • DSBridge wrapper (
  • lame_enc.dll (
  • Spotify App & Any Spotify account


  1. Install Spotify.
  2. Extract the DSBridge dll file into my Spotify folder (c:\program files\spotify or C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Spotify)
  3. Extract lame_enc.dll and put it in th Spotify folder.
  4. Set up static ip address or host name for computer
  5. In composer add in a new internet radio station called Spotify.
  6. Type in the channel in format (http://alan-desktop:8124/ or http://ipaddress:8124/)
  7. Refresh Navigator.
  8. Restart Spotify – and start playing a track (I put the volume to zero in Spotify as this is a dual purpose machine).
  9. Select the radio station in Navigator and presto Internet Radio with Meta Data!!