Control4 Update – iOS Error

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Control4 iOS App Update Error

Control4 has discovered an issue with the latest version of Control4 iOS App that was made available on the Apple App Store early this morning. Updating the mobile app to version 2.8.1 caused authentication issues that prevented a customer from being able to connect to their system.

Control4 has already identified a fix and in the process of submitting it to Apple for approval, but it may take up to 7 days to get approval and make it available on the App Store. Control4 will send a follow-up communication as soon as the Control4 App is back on the App Store.

Do not uninstall the Control4 app. You will not be able to re-download it for several days as it has been removed from the iOS App store.

Quick Fix Actions

Solution: Please make sure you have your login credentials. Go to “Settings” – Select the System – Select “Edit” in the top right corner – Delete system – Then add the customer’s account credentials back into mobile device.

We have noticed that updating from an older application version to 2.8.1 on an iPhone or iPad may clear the account information from the mobile device for any system that was present before doing the App update. The symptom is exhibited by the app being unable to connect to the customer’s system. To resolve the issue, you will need to delete the system(s) from the phone or tablet, and add it back in.

Contact your support team for more help to resolve any issues!