Automate Your Coffee Maker and Crock-Pot? YES, PLEASE!

C4Central, Control 4, Crock Pot, Mr. Coffee, Coffee, Control4Article has just been released from HouseLogix that we’re sure everyone will enjoy. The time has finally arrived! When your client asks if they can automate the coffee maker or crock pot you can now answer “Yes!“. That “Good Morning” button can not only start playing music, disarm the alarm system, turn on the lights, and warm up your house, but now it can also start making your coffee with the Mr. Coffee® 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffeemaker.

Providing even more value, our driver not only works with the Mr. Coffee maker, but it also supports the Crock-Pot® Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo. No more having to come home early on your lunch break to start the crock pot!

Driver Features:

  • Direct device integration – no going to the cloud so response time is fast.
  • Easy device identification, simply click on the Discover Devices button and find the device you want to control in the Lua Output field.
  • Real-time state of the coffee maker and crock pot. Integrated Watchdog variable so you can program an email or audio announcement if the device falls offline.
  • View and program based on the current mode:
    • Smart Coffee Maker
      • Not Ready: Refill Water and Replace Carafe
      • Not Ready: Replace Carafe
      • Not Ready: Refill Water
      • Ready
      • Brewing
      • Brewed
    • Crock-Pot Slow Cooker
      • OFF
      • WARM
      • LOW
      • HIGH
  • Know how long the device has been in the current mode. EG: Coffee Maker has been ready for 30 minutes. Or, the slow cooker has been on Low for 3 hours
  • Variable to alert you if the Coffee Maker:
    • Is out of water
    • The time the coffee maker last completed brewing coffee
    • When the coffee maker was last cleaned
    • Needs to be cleaned
    • Filter should be replaced
  • Crock Pot variables alerting you of:
    • The amount of time left in the current mode
    • How long it’s been cooking in the current mode
  • Both drivers generate a readable report that you can input into a push notification or email that shows the wellness of the device. That includes a report of most variable, the current mode, status, and more!
  • FREE 48 hour trial – simply add the driver with no license code

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Article via HouseLogix, Inc