The Magic of QMotion’s Power-Efficient Shades; Control4 ZigBee Coming Soon

Here’s a great article on how QMotion is starting to take over its market. Written by Julie Jacobson, Editor for CEPro on June 20, 2016.

QMotion window treatments offer long battery life and sleek aesthetics because of a patented counterbalancing system that doesn’t strain the motor.

The Magic of QMotion’s Power-Efficient Shades; Control4 ZigBee Coming Soon

QMotion shades are treated as native devices in a Vantage control system for optimizing lighting and shade control in daylighting applications.

The new hardwired solution, introduced at Lightfair International 2016, delivers both power and two-way control via a single Cat 5 cable through a combo power/control hub (above).

QMotion came seemingly out of nowhere in the motorized shading category just a few years, rising to #2 in the most recent Brand Analysis survey of CE Pro 100 integrators. Today, 33% of the industry’s highest-revenue home-technology installers specify QMotion, which was acquired by Legrand last year. Three years ago, QMotion was at 6%.

There’s a reason for QMotion’s preeminence in the channel. Not only does the company make products that integrate with leading home automation solutions; not only does it offer a wide variety of window coverings including roller shades, Roman shades and draperies; but QMotion also offers some real innovations that no one else in the category is doing.

For example, QMotion’s track-less motorized drapery rods are nothing short of super-cool. The rolling rods move the drapes with no unsightly wires or motors, which are tucked into the rod itself. The rods spin, bringing the material along with them.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about QMotion is the least sexy……

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