8 Technologies That People Actually Need

Via www.residentialsystems.com By Heather L. Sidorowicz

As we continue to see CES wrap-ups, it’s easy to get sucked into the technology hype of 8K, VR, wearable tech, HDR, OLED, and more. It can all be exhilarating (at least for us geeks), but some of these new technologies are years away, and some will never come to pass.
While at a networking event recently, after being introduced as the owner of an AV firm, I was asked, “What do you think of that Sonos?” Here is a company with a technology we have been talking about for years, but to so many it is brand new and exciting. As people immersed in the AV world every day, we forget how many do not know what we know; we lose sight of giving the client the simplest answer.
Here are eight technologies that your average humanoid needs to know about:
1. One Remote to Control It All: It is still one of my favorite things to sell because of the improvement it brings to day-to-day TV viewing. People want a remote that the mother-in-law and the babysitter can use. They also want it to work. Seems so simple, and yet so many companies fail at this simple task.
2. Better Wi-Fi: The client may not know it, but they want better Wi-Fi throughout their house. It is our responsibility to let them know. Why? Inexpensive consumer-grade networks cannot handle the multiple wireless devices of today without issue and conflict. All the client knows is when their Wi-Fi does not work and when their cellular bill has overages. We can fix it! We just need to let the good people of Earth know we can.
3. A Cord-Cutting Solution: Ask your average client the bill they detest paying the most and chances are it is the one for their cable TV service. The channel choices have become bloated, customer service is atrocious, and the overall experience is an epic fail. Finding a cord-cutting solution for your clients is the next step in the AV forefront.
4. Music in the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Outside: Music just makes life better, and now we are finding out it too has health benefits. I have found that the ones who are not listening to music around the house think that it ‘s hard to do. Today, there are multiple options to overcome issues of the past. Having simple, excellent-sounding music is a great quality-of-life asset.
5. Keyless Entry to the Home: Once again, this adds simplicity to life. No more digging for the keys or worrying if the kids remembered them to get in the house. Did a friend arrive early? Give them the code.
6. Lighting Control: No longer does lighting control have to be an overly expensive feat. Switch out a few dimmers, create a few scenes, and watch your house come alive. It is an everyday annoyance walking around the kitchen turning different sets of lights on and off. Want to save energy? Have the lights turn off at bedtime. Want to increase safety? Have the lights turn on before dark.
7. Better Sounding TV: We get so caught up in the latest surround formats, like Dolby Atmos, that we forget the unfortunate average person cannot even understand the dialogue on their TV set. Introducing them to more affordable options, like soundbars is an easy add-on to a sale and a huge boost in sound for the client.
8. The Perfect Streaming Device: Beyond cutting the cord, the public wants the right streaming device for movies and TV shows. When one comes in asking for a new TV, asking them what type of phone they have is my first question. More than 50 percent of my current TV viewing is now Netflix or AppleTV (iTunes) and that is growing. People want a simple portal to use to access app-based TV stations from around the world.
I challenge anyone in the industry to take phone calls for a day or two to hear the problems the public is having with technology. It is hugely important to follow the trends of the industry, but don’t lose sight of the issues and solutions right in front of you.